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These Math Worries Just Keep Adding Up

May 2017


Poor performance in maths can lead to maths anxiety, but there are also studies that point in the other direction. If you have maths anxiety, it disrupts your concentration. Even students who score high on maths tests can feel a special worry around this subject

There has been some overlap demonstrated between maths anxiety and other general types of anxiety, especially related to test-taking, but maths anxiety seems to exist as a separate phenomenon. Studies have shown increased heart rates when people were tested on maths, but not on other subjects. One problem is that we tend to believe with maths that you either have the ability or you don’t, rather than assuming that your skills and abilities are the result of study and practice.

Parents sending preschool kids for classes in races to keep up with peers

Nov 2016


Four in 10 families in Singapore pack their pre-school children off to tuition. Top reasons cited by parents include to keep up with others, improve their children’s grades and help children in their personal development.

Dr Nirmala Karuppiah, an early childhood and special education lecturer at the National Institute of Education, said “Preparing children for Primary 1 is more than just developing numeracy and literacy skills but helping to build self-confidence, independence and resilience too. The focus should be on developing social and emotional skills as well as self-help skills, such as taking care of oneself and one’s belongings, that will help children move on to primary school easily.”

Helping kids make leap from pre-school to primary school

Dec 2015


The preparatory classes are designed to help pre-school children transit to primary school life, build up their basic skills such as spelling and reading, and clarify their doubts on concepts covered in Primary 1.

While a handful of parents sign their children up for such classes to give them a headstart, most are worried about how their young ones would cope in school. Some children may already have a good foundation built in pre-school, but others who have not grasped basic skills may struggle to keep up in school. Many parents believe that by building a strong foundation, it would be less stressful for their child in Primary 1.
“We wanted her to be better prepared for primary school so as to lessen her burden when school starts,” said Mr Lee, who also has a son, aged two.