About Us


Early Math Matters is a premier Mathematics and Cognitive development enrichment centre for preschool children aged 3-6 years old. Through purposeful play and our renowned EMM approach, we help learners build a strong foundation for problem solving at an early age, and instil in them a passion & love for math that will stay with them for life.


Ms Judy Goh

Mum of Teo Jia Luo Charlote (5 Years Old)

"I got to know about Neuromath when my elder son attended Neuromath P6 revision class and was impressed by the individual attention and care by the teacher towards my son. So when Early Math Matters was introduced, I signed up without hesitation. Indeed, the class is very interactive and interesting, incorporating many motor skill activities and observation training. The teacher is also very friendly and flexible and can engage the children very well. Charlotte is always looking forward to the lessons. This class would delightedly bring great interest to mathematics in a fun and enjoyable environment."

Ms Joyce

Mum of Quinn (6 Years Old)

"I love that the children can apply what they learnt to real life problems and concepts and that the focus is not just on mathematical theory but logical thinking as well. The student-teacher ratio is ideal and the teachers are really dedicated.My child loves the interesting activities, in a sage and conducive environment.I feel that the teaching methodology is excellent and well thought through. No rote learning - only innovative methods specially designed to foster deep learning and understanding.As a teacher myself, I have to say that the early Math Matters teachers are extremely dedicated and committed beyond what any parent would expect. You can really see their effort in wanting the child to understand and taking the necessary measures to do this... and for that I'm really grateful.I'd definitely recommend Early Math Matters to any parent who wants to give their child an advantage when he/she enters Primary School!"

Ms Cherie Low

Mum of Chan Yi Xuan (5 Years Old)

"Yi Xuan enjoys the cognitive games at Early Math Matters tremendously. During each lesson, he is exposed to a wide array of games which helps to develop his different cognitive aspects. Even when he finds some of the games challenging, he is very keen to try them and makes an effort to complete them. As a parent, it is really gratifying to see him enjoying his learning process. Moreover, the different games also help me to better understand his learning style and cognitive profile. I have a clearer idea of what he likes, where his strengths lie, and how to use games to help him develop his weaker areas. I appreciate this opportunity to learn with my child. Thank you!"